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Safeguarding Your Legacy: The Importance of Professional Will Storage.

Planning for the future is a responsible and essential task. While many

a secure safe somewhere in farnborough keeping people's wills secure

individuals understand the significance of creating a will, the importance of securely storing it often goes unnoticed. In this blog post, we'll explore the vital role of professional will storage in the UK, providing you with valuable insights backed by statistics and real-life case studies. Let's delve into why safeguarding your legacy is crucial, ensuring your wishes are respected and your loved ones are protected.

Statistics: A survey by the National Will Register found that nearly one in five wills in the UK are deemed untraceable due to inadequate record-keeping. This can lead to lengthy delays in settling estates, with inheritances being withheld for months or even years.

Case Study: The Smith Family

a Farnborough family arguing over a will

Consider the Smith family, who had spent years building their wealth through hard work and wise investments. However, when Mr. Smith suddenly passed away, his original will could not be found. This led to confusion and disputes among family members, resulting in significant delays and costly legal battles. Had the Smiths entrusted their will to professional storage, their estate's integrity would have been protected, and their loved ones spared from unnecessary stress during an already difficult time.

According to a study conducted by, approximately two thirds of adults in the UK do not have a will in place. Out of those who have made a will, a significant portion opt for unsafe storage methods, such as keeping it at home, leading to potential loss or damage.

Case Study: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

a man breaking in to a house in farnborough stealing someone's will

Imagine Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, a well-respected couple who valued their privacy. Unfortunately, they stored their will in a personal safe at home, believing it to be secure. However, their house was burgled, and the safe, along with their will and other valuables, was stolen. This breach of privacy exposed their personal and financial details, leaving them vulnerable to potential identity theft and fraudulent activities. By utilising professional will storage, the Johnsons could have prevented this unfortunate situation and safeguarded their confidentiality.

Statistics: The Information Commissioner's Office reported a 19% increase in reported data breaches in the UK in the past year alone. Storing sensitive documents like wills at home raises the risk of accidental loss, theft, or unauthorised access, compromising your privacy and that of your loved ones.

Case Study: Mrs. Anderson

Let's explore the case of Mrs. Anderson, a vibrant and independent woman

a confused old woman accidentally shredding her will

ho was diagnosed with dementia in her later years. Mrs. Anderson had always been meticulous about her affairs, including creating a well-crafted will that outlined her wishes. However, as her dementia progressed, she began exhibiting uncharacteristic behaviour and occasional confusion.

During one unfortunate episode, Mrs. Anderson, in a state of confusion, destroyed her original will, believing it to be unnecessary or even harmful. This act left her family in a difficult situation, as she no longer had the testamentary capacity to write a new will. Mrs. Anderson's family faced significant challenges in carrying out her wishes.

Had Mrs. Anderson entrusted her will to professional storage before her dementia diagnosis, the original document would have been securely preserved and easily accessible. This would have provided crucial evidence of her true intentions, protecting her estate and ensuring her legacy was honoured, regardless of the changes in her mental state.

Statistics: According to the Alzheimer's Society, there are currently around 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. As dementia progresses, individuals may experience changes in behaviour and decision-making abilities, making it essential to safeguard legal documents, including wills, before the onset of symptoms.

By entrusting your will to professional storage, you ensure the confidentiality, privacy, and protection of your estate, even if you experience changes in mental capacity. Professional storage preserves the integrity of your original will, allowing your true intentions to be upheld and minimising the potential for disputes or confusion among your loved ones.

Don't leave your legacy vulnerable to the unpredictability of life. Seek out professional will storage solutions today and provide yourself and your family with peace of mind, knowing that your wishes will be respected, no matter the circumstances.

If you’re looking to write your will or lasting power of attorney book an appointment with Joshua Young. I am A Will Writer covering Farnborough, Basingstoke, Camberley, Aldershot and the surrounding areas.


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