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Lifetime Trusts covering Farnborough & Surrounding Areas

Introducing the Family Asset Protection Trust (FAPT) 


A proven strategy to secure your assets for the future.


Unlike traditional measures such as Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney, an FAPT offers comprehensive protection both during your lifetime and after death. By transferring assets into the trust while you're alive, you retain control, safeguarding against modern threats like sideways disinheritance, divorce, and bankruptcy.

With an FAPT, you choose trustees, maintain flexibility to move homes, and potentially save on probate costs. Lasting up to 125 years, this planning tool is applicable to various individuals and assets. The FAPT provides added protection, prevents sideways disinheritance, shields against bankruptcy, and may reduce tax bills for future generations. Unlike alternatives, such as direct property transfers to children, an FAPT ensures a secure legacy for your loved ones, free from potential complications like divorce or financial troubles. Consider the FAPT to protect your family's inheritance and financial well-being.

A trustee holding your property and keeping it safe
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