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By choosing to write your Will, you're taking a bold and compassionate step towards ensuring peace of mind for your loved ones.

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From £119.00 For simple estates, naming guardianship for children, giving gifts, and provisions for pets. 31 million UK adults don't have a Will. The only way to guarantee that your preferences are honoured after death is to create a Will. In the absence of a legal Will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with the Intestacy Law. Perhaps this isn't what you had hoped for. In any case, it will probably take longer to complete than it would if you had created a Will. This might cause disputes and concern for your family members because your beneficiaries might not be able to access any funds from your estate during this time. As a local Farnborough Will Writer I am able to help you get started today. Reach out via the contact form or by contacting me on 01252 415340.

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From £200.00. For safe guarding assets until minors reach a dependable age, protecting beneficiaries from modern threats such as divorce or debt, or taking care of a vulnerable beneficiary's wellbeing. Imagine you own a house, and you want to ensure it goes to your loved ones after you pass away. Let’s consider Jason and Sandra, a family with two kids living together in the family home. If Jason dies, Sandra becomes the sole owner of that property, and what Jason and Sandra want is for their two kids to inherit the house when they’re both gone. The trouble is there are several modern threats that can occur between both deaths, which could mean the kids receive nothing at all. With the correct planning the mordern threats that could prevent this from happening can be stopped. I provide a Will Writing service in Farnborough. I am able to help you get started today. Reach out via the contact form or by contacting me on 01252 415340.

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With a Lifetime Trust, you choose trustees, maintain flexibility to move homes, and potentially save on probate costs. Lasting up to 125 years. This particular type of trust is called a Family Asset Protect Trust. This planning tool is applicable to various individuals and assets. The FAPT provides added protection, prevents sideways disinheritance, shields against bankruptcy, and may reduce tax bills for future generations. Unlike alternatives, such as direct property transfers to children, an FAPT ensures a secure legacy for your loved ones, free from potential complications like divorce or financial troubles. Consider the FAPT to protect your family's inheritance and financial well-being.

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From £250.00. For legally assigning people to make decisions about your health and finances if you are unable to due to incapacity. Planning for the future is crucial to ensure our wishes are respected, particularly in legal matters like a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). An LPA grants trusted individuals the authority to make decisions on our behalf when we are no longer capable. While it's possible to write an LPA yourself, understanding the intricacies and potential challenges is important. As a local Farnbough based Will Writer I am able to draft your Lasting Power of Attorney. I am able to help you get started today. Reach out via the contact form or by contacting me on 01252 415340.

What Clients Say

It feels like a weight is off my shoulders having all my affairs in order for when the inevitable happens. Josh is knowledgeable, friendly and was able to answer all my questions regarding all things to do with my estate when I pass. Would definitely recommend. - J John - Farnborough

Farnborough will writing reviews
  • Is Writing a Will Free?
    Writing a basic will can often be done for free using online templates or software. However, for more complex wills it's advisable to consult with a professional, who may charge fees. read this blog to learn more about the pitfalls of free wills:
  • What is Lasting Power of Attorney?
    Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows someone to appoint another person to make decisions on their behalf in case they become mentally or physically incapacitated. There are two types of LPA: one for health and welfare decisions and another for property and financial affairs. Here is a blog that goes into more detail about Lasting Power of Attorney:
  • Where does my will get stored?
    Your will can be stored using a professional storage service or at home. Professional storage options offer added security and protection against loss, damage, or unauthorised access, making them a preferred choice for many. However, you can also choose to store your will at home in a secure location like a fireproof safe or with a trusted individual, ensuring it's easily accessible when needed. Ultimately, the decision depends on your comfort level with security and ease of access. Here is a blog I wrote about will storage so you can learn more:
  • What Makes a Will Valid?
    To ensure your will is valid, it must typically be in writing, signed by you in the presence of two witnesses who are of sound mind and not beneficiaries. I recommend using people you are not related to at all. Go to to download a free will writing guide.
  • How long does it take to make a will?
    It is done in 4 easy steps: 1. Free initial consultation A chat to find out more about you and your circumstances. At the end of this conversation I provide advice for the best options and a fixed cost. 2. Taking instructions An appointment to take down your wishes such as how you want your estate to be divided, funeral wishes, naming guardianship for children for example. 3. Drafting and approval I will drafts your Wills and send them via email within 1 week of step 2 so you can review everything and make any necessary changes before posting the final copy. 4. Signing of your Wills Sign your final copies and keep your Will safe at home, or even better, by using the services or a professional Will storage company.
  • Why is Writing a Will Important?
    Writing a will is crucial for ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your passing. It provides clarity, avoids potential disputes, and can reduce the burden on your loved ones during a difficult time. Without a will, the laws of intestacy may dictate how your assets are distributed. Here is a blog I wrote with more details on why you need a will:
  • What Should I Put in My Will?
    You can write a will by following these steps: a. List your assets and debts. b. Decide on your beneficiaries and their respective shares. c. Choose an executor to administer your estate. d. Draft the will, ensuring it complies with legal requirements. e. Sign the will in the presence of witnesses. f. Store the will in a safe place and inform a trusted person of its location. head over to to download a free will writing guide to help you out.
About me

Welcome to Astute Wills. I'm Joshua Young (MSWW), your trusted partner in preserving your legacy with care and precision. I'm the founder of this dedicated will writing company based in Farnborough. I bring a wealth of expertise and astute insight to help you navigate estate planning.

My commitment is to provide you with a comprehensive will writing service. My goal is to offer peace of mind by crafting tailored solutions that align with your unique needs and wishes. Your legacy is my priority, and I'm here to guide you through this important journey.

I'm accredited by The Society of Will Writers, fully insured for £2 million, and ICO registered (ZB421373) for your peace of mind. So, let's get started!

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